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Vacation Lovers

Veronica Sandfield put everything into her Italian dream vacation. Her life savings. Her hopes. Her dreams. And her plans to find a hot Italian lover to sweep her off to his romantic vineyard for a happily ever after. But when Veronica arrives at the beautiful villa in Tuscany, it's already occupied. The guys might be hot, but they're American. And they're less than thrilled to discover a booking issue has left the three of them with no choice but to be vacation roommates.

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Last Fling

It's like a diet plan. For dating. Lyssa is convinced she can change her luck in love by finding a guy who is the opposite of what she wants. But before she settles down, Lyssa wants one last fling. Tray is everything she should avoid. But it doesn't count because this is just a fling. Except Tray has other ideas. He's certain that fiery Lyssa will spice up his dead end relationship with long time lover Griffon. Griffon loves Tray. Tray wants Griffon. Lyssa wants forever. What happens when a fling turns into a happily ever after that doesn't quite look like what you expected?

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Strung Out

Erik Aasen has never failed to get what he wants. If money equals power and power equals influence, then Erik is at the top of the social strata. But when fate tosses a sexy classical musician named Talia Davies into his path, Erik discovers that the one thing he wants more than anything else is priceless.


When a legal issue leaves Leslie with nowhere else to turn, she strikes a devil's bargain with the two sexiest lawyers in Boston. But her resolution to keep things light crumbles when their passion overflows the bedroom.  Soon, Leslie must choose retreat or the chance of a lifetime. In the end, she can only hope the crescendo leads to an encore.

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