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The World of Clan McKinloch

I will never forget the moment when I first had the idea for Clan McKinloch. Not that it started out as a series with 5 books and two spin offs that are actually part of that series. That's not how it works.

I was actually INSIDE the Jefferson Expansion Memorial museum underneath the St Louis Arch when I got the idea. I kept thinking to myself what an interesting setting it would make for a romantic tryst. I've no doubt that's weird. That's just how my brain works. Call it an occupational hazard.

Whether or not you're a fan of the McKinloch books or not, I hope you'll indulge my little trip down memory lane in celebration of the fact that I just re-released them for sale. All of them. All at once. And at $0.99 a piece too. Because I feel like that's a fun way to share something that I'm not really feeling the need to hard sell. Not that I'm much of a salesperson anyway.

See, the McKinlochs are a great family for drama. There are lots of them. They own a pub. It's in the downtown St Louis area and it's filled with employees and friends and other people who all have lives.

I have a thing for family drama. For situational drama. For the stuff that happens in real life. This series is a little bit of EVERYTHING.

Book 1 - Military Romance

Book 2 - MF Love Story

Book 3 - Rekindled Husband/Wife Romance

Book 4 - MMF Love At First Sight

Book 5 - MMF Friends to Lovers

Book 6 - FF Friends to Lovers

Book 7 - MM Friends to Lovers

And I won't lie. Ossian McKinloch is my favorite character. Ever. Of all of the ones I've written, Oz is the guy that would be my best friend if he could only walk off the pages. So check him out. Check them all out. And take time to enjoy a trip to the St Louis Metro. I spent nearly 20 years living there. Reading these books is always a bit like taking a trip to the old neighborhood.

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