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And Back to the Title...

This pretty much brings me full circle to my complaint about titles. I am, and have always been, rather notorious at being bad at coming up with titles. They tend to be cliche or just plain stupid. But, the one exception to that (in my mind at least) is my Boston Avant Garde series.

I'll admit it. I'm rather attached to those titles. In order, they are as follows:

Strung Out










If you've never heard of Virtuoso or Timbre, that's because they're currently in production. I had to ditch the publisher in order to get them completed and available for my readers because at some point after Loose ID folded and I started working with someone else (no names, they'd sue) I realized that I'd lost the ability to write what I wanted.

The rereleases started to happen and all of a sudden I'm getting emails telling me that I need to dumb down my titles because Average Jane Reader isn't going to know what they mean. We need titles that are easily recognized and understood. Cliches and Cutesy words or phrases.

"Um, excuse me?"

Here's where I had a major disagreement with my publisher. See, I don't think you're stupid. That's right. You. You reading this. The You who peruses Amazon or Apple Books or Kobo or Barnes & Noble and clicks on a book to read the description and purchase. I don't believe you're an idiot. I think you WANT good books. You want stories that make you think. Stories that inform. Stories that star people who don't look like they just walked off a New York Runway. People who have problems just like you. I think you want to read stories about normal everyday people who get the breaks you wish you could find. Who do stupid things and pay the consequences and learn from their mistakes so they can grow!

And that's where I got myself in trouble. See, that publisher didn't care WHAT I thought. They didn't care what I wanted for my work. They just wanted to make sure they could get a return on investment. And THAT is why I went out on a limb for myself. Yup. I'm publishing my own shit. And hey. You might think its shit. That's fine with me. But chances are if you poke around, you'll find that I hit a home run with some of my books and not so much with others. That's okay. That's called development. Something for everybody. Because let me tell you, I've had readers and reviewers and the general public tell me multiple times how much they just LOVE something I've written and I've scratched my head and been utterly amazed that THIS was the home run. Other times, one person will absolutely LOVE one book, and hate something else that someone ELSE simply adores. That is human nature. Isn't it?

The point is that I want to write it all. I don't want some jackass editor in chief who is so afraid to take chances that she probably wears white panties every single day of the week to tell me what to write. I write what I want. Because those are the stories that I want to tell. And mostly because I write because I want to, not because I HAVE to. I have a day job. I like my day job actually. I'm a freaking therapist. That's what I do. That therapist brain is part of what makes me a writer. But let me tell you folks, I'm DONE writing other people's stuff. So hold onto your panties world! Kaitlin is back!

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