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Who Am I? That's actually a funny story...

I'm a therapist by education, which means that I have a habit of self-examination which often leads to a dramatic personal journey.

But that's not really important. The first thing you have to know about me is that I am a lifelong equine enthusiast. The second thing is that I'm living my own personal romance story every single day. Is it perfect? Nope. Real life never is. That's why you're reading books, right? But everyday when I wake up next to the guy I've had a crush on since 7th grade, I know I'm one lucky bitch.

It wasn't always like that, but you'll have to read my books and guess which bits and pieces of my personal story wound up in fiction...


Look around you. My inspiration comes from life's little situational comedies. Then I play a game called "How Can I Make That Worse?" followed by "How Could THAT Be A Happily Ever After"?


I've lived East & West Coast, Midwest & Rocky Mtn States. I prefer my New Mexico climate & scenery any day of the week! And for the record, I live in Northern New Mexico. Land of high desert sunsets and blue skies at 7500 ft elev.


I don't do the traditional writing process. Rough drafts are completely null and void in a world of software and modern technology. I have an idea, a general direction, and then I see where the characters take me.

So You Wanna Write?

My standard answer to anyone who tells me they want to write a book is, "What's stopping you?" Writers - real writers - write because they can't NOT write. It's a bit like a disease that way...


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