Looking for the Perfect Romantic Getaway?

Look no further. No really. Whether you like it sweet & sassy, dark & dangerous, boy next door, or tongue in cheek. I've got you covered. It's a brave, new world out there and escaping reality for a few stolen moments has taken on a whole new meaning.

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Pick Your Poison


Past. Present. Future.

The world is changing. Whether we are authors or otherwise, we either get with the times or gather dust on a shelf. My books have been released, gone out of print, re-released, gone out of print again, and are now being re-released under my own publishing imprint not only because technology has reached a point where this is possible, but because I believe my readers want more than canned romance. I don't believe you're stupid.

Quite the opposite.

You're smart, savvy, and probably really tired of reading about Ken & Barbie.

You're in good company. Promise. I never played with Barbies...

And if you have questions about my backlist, please don't hesitate to fill in the form below and ask!